Unity School of Yoga and Bodywork

Practitioner course
The main emphasis of this Diploma is to highlight the well-being of the practitioner, in addition to learning the most powerful medium of touch.  Massage has been used around the world for thousands of years to comfort, soothe, invigorate, detoxify, relax, repair, and rejuvenate.  The magic of touch is a sense we all naturally have, and we can explore ways of making it more supportive for ourselves, and all fellow beings.  It is the most beautiful form of communication, which directly allows us access to all levels of a person's being.  The body is not a machine - it is an organic unity encompassing also the mind, emotions and spirit.  Through Holistic‚ Massage, we treat the person as a whole being.  The body is the gateway to deeper levels.  Ultimately, we are not just the body.  It is the most precious gift which, if we love and care for it, can lead us to a wider identification into full consciousness.  We are the resident in the body, we are the Inner Buddha residing in the most miraculous physical form.

During the course students gain a thorough understanding and practice of oil techniques in addition to workshops in: Acupressure, Thai Foot Massage, Energy Work & Relaxation, No-hands/Intuitive Massage, Crystal Healing and Ritual Practice.  Daily Yoga and seated/movement Meditations are integrated into the course to accentuate the importance of the Practitioner's personal development.

As therapists, our own health and happiness is paramount - we can only offer support to others if we ourselves are grounded and centred.  Co-Listening & Oekos (group/partner expression/listening) are also included each day - to sharpen our own awareness, understanding and listening skills but predominantly to allow space and time for each person's journey.
This experience is not simply focussed on a massage certificate, but aims to be explorative, awakening, and above all fun!

About the tutor
Sevanti has been teaching Massage for over 10 years, sharing various disciplines of bodywork. She has a background in Dance, Yoga and Reiki, the essence of which is woven into her teaching.

Sevanti is passionate about Massage, and is excited to share this powerful medium of touch with those who wish to embark upon this rewarding career and way of life. Her Assistant, Emma Massingham, is equally enthusiastic about Massage, and runs the Therapy Centre 'Space' in Brighton.
The Unity Studio will be expanding soon, to become an inspiring Centre of Yoga, Dance and Bodywork, with therapy rooms, a vegetarian cafe and further classes, workshops and retreats offered in the existing studio.
Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Massage and Reflexology Diplomas will soon be offered, within the same structure of Therapist-centred training.

Sevanti also runs Retreats in the UK and abroad.

130a Lewes Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3LG

Further Information
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