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This lists all MTI meetings, regional team events and advanced courses offered by MTI schools. The advanced courses are certificated for CPD purposes by individual training schools. Some are also accredited by MTI. Please contact schools direct for course details, dates and costs.

MTI Regional Events are highlighted in orange, MTI Central Meetings and Events in purple and the Annual Conference in black.

Event titleDurationStart dateTimeCostSchoolLocationContact
Hot Stone Therapy Workshop3 DaysJul 2110am£285Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork
Myofascial Release6 DaysJul 21£600 or £550 for MTISchool of Holistic TherapyEdinburghSimonetta Logan
Introduction to Remedial & Sports Massage2 daysAug 410am - 5.30pmBCMB
Seven Dimensions of Touch1 dayAug 810am - 5.30pmBCMB
Deep Massage: The Lauterstein Method4 daysAug 910am - 5.30pmBCMB
First Aid Training1 DayAug 11£100Quantum
Introduction to Kinesio, EAB and ZO Taping Techniques2 DaysAug 11£160Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork
On Site Massage Workshop2 daysAug 11£150Rosslyn AlternativesLivingstonRos Cope
Tensegrity and Taijutsu - Movement and Medicine1 dayAug 1210am-4pm£75 non-members; £50Midlands Regional TeamThe Fold, BransfordNiki Cope
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Building your Sports Toolkit3 DaysAug 1710am£400 for MTIHands on TrainingLondonJennie Parke-Matheson
Hot Stone Massage2 DaysAug 18£185 or £145 for MTIHands on
Deep Tissue Massage2 daysSep 310am - 5.30pmBCMB
On-Site Massage2 DaysSep 3£140Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork
Massage and Pregnancy1 daySep 1010am - 5.30pmBCMB
Soft Tissue Release1 DaySep 16£100Quantum
Working in the Alps with Massage Me - Training Course5 DaysSep 17€825Massage MePeisey-VallandryAnna Beadle
Hot Stone Therapy Workshop3 DaysSep 22£280Rosslyn AlternativesLivingstonRos Cope
TBCTBCSep 22TBCTBCScotland Regional TeamEdinburghNatalia Duncan
Mobilising Massage2 daysSep 2410am - 5.30pmBCMB
Improve Your Online Presence1 DaySep 28£80BCMB
Massaging the Manus: Getting to Grips with the Human Hand7 hoursSep 299am£30 for MTI Members; &pounNorth Regional TeamSheffieldClaire Feldkamp
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Deep Tissue Massage1 DaySep 30£100Quantum
Exams Council meeting1 dayOct 310am - 5pmn/aMTI
First Aid Training1 DayOct 12£60Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork
3D Side Lying Massage2 daysOct 1310am - 5.30pmBCMB
Myofascial Release – Part 12 DaysOct 20£295Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork
Freeing The Shoulders with Darien Pritchard1 DayOct 22£80BCMB
Myofascial Release – Part 22 DaysOct 22£295Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork
Releasing the Lower Back with Darien Pritchard1 DayOct 23£80BCMB
Massage Meetup Manchester2 hrsOct 2711amFreeNorth Regional TeamManchesterClaire Feldkamp
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Bamboo Massage Workshop1 DayOct 2910am£75Rosslyn AlternativesLivingstonRos Cope
Reflexology for Massage Practitioners1 dayNov 410am - 5.30pmBCMB
Exam date1 dayNov 910am - 5pmn/aMTI CentralUKDiana Newson
Massage in Pregnancy1 DayNov 10£100Quantum
Releasing the Neck1 dayNov 1610am - 5.30pmBCMB
Deep Tissue Massage 21 DayNov 18£100Quantum
Massage for People With Cancer2 DaysNov 23£160BCMB
Rhythm Mobility7 hoursNov 249am£30 for MTI Members; &North Regional TeamManchesterClaire Feldkamp
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Emotional Processing2 DaysDec 7£160BCMB
Hot Stones for Massage Therapists2 DaysDec 13£160BCMB
Indian Head Massage Certificate4 DaysJan 19£295Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork
Introduction to Indian Head Massage2 DaysJan 19£110Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork
Ayurvedic Experience & Tour of South India7 DaysJan 31n/a£2,200 for MTI MembersSheffield Centre for Massage TrainingSouth IndiaVicky Gaughan
Advanced Hands Free Training8 DaysFeb 11£830BCMB
MTI Conference 2019TBCApr

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