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MTI Chair elected as head of GCMT

Earle Abrahamson

Earle Abrahamson (pictured right), the Chair of MTI, has been elected as the Chair of the Council for Soft Tissue Therapies (GCMT). The GCMT is the umbrella body for soft tissue therapy in the UK and represents the interests of massage therapists at a national level.

Earle said: "Being elected chair or the GCMT means that MTI is strategically positioned in a greater national agenda that informs, influences and advocates for change in professional massage therapy standards and practices. And, the MTI ethos is at the forefront of developing training standards for massage therapy in the UK."

He added: "GCMT is proud of its work to date and will continue to campaign for change to not only improve massage therapy practice for all, but more importantly transform it. This will be achieved by drawing on the experience and expertise of our members, as well as the practitioners who join the professional associations."

The GCMT is made up of professional associations, such as MTI, the Association of of Physical and Natural Therapists and the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation, that represent soft tissue therapists in the UK. Its aims are to maintain high training standards, lobby in the interests of its members on issues such as insurance and regulation, share best practice and encourage member organisations to develop evidence-based research.

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