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Leanne Callaby (Tranquility Holistic Massage)

As an MTI registered Holistic Massage Therapist I can give you an individual massage specifically tailored to you. I am trained in a wide range of highly skilled massage techniques, including gentle massage, stretches, relaxation work and deep tissue massage. Holistic massage treats the whole body, taking into account emotional and spiritual well-being as well as the physical body. I work from home, using a specifically dedicated room with it's own entrance. Your first visit will include a consultation which allows me to tailor your treatment individually. My prices start from £15 for a 30 minute head massage and £20 for a 30 minute holistic body massage up to £70 for a full 2½ hour holistic massage which includes, back, legs, feet, chest, stomach, arms, hands, head and face I am also a reiki practitioner

The Challenge, Cranwich, Thetford IP26 5JN


Lyn Shaw: I have had plantar fasciitis and met Lea and after a few week under her expert hands she has eased the pain.I also have Parkinson's and having a massage with this wonderful woman is helping my aches and tremor. I highly recommend her. Thank you Leanne. May 15, 2017

Poppy Bowman: Writing a review is not enough for the work Leanne does. Through her hands and her heart she makes your whole body and soul feel weightless. An amazing lady with amazing talent.! She won't disappoint! March 9, 2017

Sophie Lockhart: Leanne is an absolute star. Her professional yet warm demeanor instantly puts you at ease an her treatment room is the epitome of tranquillity. You will leave after a massage with Leanne feeling like you're floating home! January 30, 2015

Sarah P: I carry all my stresses in my shoulders and neck which causes me pain and tension headaches so went to Lea to see if she could help. An hour under Lea's capable hands and I couldn't believe the difference!!! I now see her on a regular basis to keep it all under control and could not ask for more from a therapist. Highly highly recommended!!!! Thank you Lea. February 26, 2014

Helen Sproston: I would like to comment on my amazing discovery when I met Leanne after being in absolute agony with a swollen elbow which had been affecting my whole arm and hand for over two months. I only had a short time with Leanne working on my wrist, elbow and forearm and at the time hoped the massage would ease it a little, as I was at the stage where I could barely move my arm to do simple things. I was so pleased when I discovered that the next day I had half the amount of pain , less swelling and I could freely move my arm around. Leanne you truly do have an amazing ability an I highly recommend you to all. Helen D Sproston Psychic Medium. June 26, 2013

Mike P: Leanne's massages are without question the best I've ever had. She has a pleasant personaility that puts you at ease and makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. she knows multiple techniques and never rushes. She takes plenty of time to talk through how you're feeling and any concerns about your body. She has a great touch and knows what she is doing. Highly recommended. June 10, 2013

Christopher Bowman: I went to Leanne with stiff shoulders and lower back problems never having been for a massage before so didn't know what to expect Leanne put me at ease explained what she would be doing ' and with in ten weeks i had more movement in my shoulders then i had in years and the lower back problem are getting better Thanks Leanne June 9, 2013

Mark P: Leanne's massages are quite possibly the best I've ever had, she has a very pleasant, soothing nature and makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. She takes plenty of time to talk through how you're feeling and any concerns about your body and never rushes through anything - helping you is Leanne's number one concern. The best way to explain her actual practice is that she is a total natural - she has a great touch and knows exactly how you're feeling. Highly recommended. June 9, 2013

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