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The admin team

Diana Newson

Diana Newson: Schools' and Student Officer

Diana has been organising exams and diploma courses for MTI since April 2011.

Before that she was a self-employed holistic massage practitioner and aromatherapist for 11 years.

Her background as both a student and a practitioner help inform her MTI administration work.

Students should always take queries to their course tutor first, but otherwise Diana can be contacted at for any additional queries.


Sarah Cohen

Sarah Cohen: New Tutors' Officer

Sarah has been an MTI tutor since 2009, joining the MTI team in 2011 as the New Tutors' Officer.

Her role is to support and guide new tutors as they make the journey towards becoming accredited and move into their teaching practise.

She runs MTI courses as the head and lead tutor of the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork in Worcester, so has a personal insight into the needs of new and practising tutors.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a MTI tutor contact


Anna Glowacka

Anna Glowacka: Membership Officer

Anna joined the MTI team in October 2011.

Her role is to support the MTI practitioner membership and regional teams and to run the practitioner register.

She studied the MTI Holistic Diploma in London and now runs her own successful massage practise, so has an understanding of the issues and challenges that can face bodyworkers.

You can contact Anna at


Jenny Hampton

Jenny Hampton: Marketing Officer

Jenny has worked in marketing since 2004. She is responsible for MTI's communication channels, building partnerships, engaging and informing members and spreading the word about the work of MTI to the wider world.

She trained as an MTI practitioner in 2010 and has worked in private practise since then.

You can contact Jenny at

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