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The Board

The MTI Board consists of five members (a Chair, two Directors and two Leads) who focus on:

  • The arbitration of issues relating to MTI
  • Internal and external affairs, including representing MTI at national level with support as appropriate from MTI councils
  • Overseeing MTI's financial stability
  • MTI's publicity and marketing policy
  • MTI's code of conduct and disciplinary procedures
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Liaising with relevant bodies


Ros Cope

Ros Cope

Ros’s first career was in catering. After taking a study break, she then went to work within Homelessness Services in Edinburgh City Council where she stayed for almost 20 years.

Her massage journey started in 2004, with the School of Holistic Therapy in Edinburgh. Ros was captivated by this totally new way of working with people and continues studying and exploring massage. She has a Level 6 qualification in advanced clinical and sports massage and trained in Myofascial Release, and various other modalities.

Ros works as a therapist seeing private clients as well as providing complementary therapies within an NHS abstinence programme. Making massage accessible is one of her key aims. She runs Rosslyn Alternatives in Livingston near Edinburgh, teaching the MTI diploma and various CPD courses. She is an MTI assessor for both practical and theory exams.

Gardening is her main way of relaxing and connecting with nature, although spending time with the cat is a close second especially when the weather is bad.

Schools Lead

Dror Steiner

Dror Steiner

Dror is the founder of Bodyology School in London. He pursued a dancer’s career before he was seriously injured in a car accident. Massage treatments not only helped him to recover but also inspired him to study massage therapy. It gave him a new direction in life that combines many things he loves; physical movement, non-verbal communication, human science and the art of healing.

Dror became an MTI tutor because of our high standards and the holistic, all-encompassing approach.

As well as studying massage, Dror also took a pre-med course and qualified as an osteopath and acupuncturist.

Dror is fascinated by many areas of learning and if he wasn’t a massage practitioner and tutor, he could have gone into psychotherapy, counselling, politics, photography, web programming, environmental engineering or been a chef.

His life motto is “It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. We are powerful beyond measure.”


PA Lead

Eva Weltermann

After having worked for 14 years as a translator, Eva retrained as a massage therapist with the Sheffield Centre of Massage Training (SCMT), an MTI school. 6 months after graduating, Eva took the plunge in 2007 to work as a full time massage therapist and now runs her own practice as well as as being a Co-director and teaching for SCMT. She still loves languages and travelling, but massage is her passion and the workings of the human body never stop intriguing her.



“I see my role as a PA to strengthen the regional groups and the sense of community and mutual support as part as a holistic work ethics which is the very much essence of MTI.”




Exams Lead

Julie Linton

Julie is the school director and lead tutor at Midlands School of Massage and Bodywork. Julie is also a practical and theory

examination assessor for MTI and runs her own clinic. Following graduation from Rehabilitation and Injury Management BSc (Hons) in 2020, she is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree with the University of Derby.


“The satisfaction of sharing my skills with students is immeasurable, as is the privilege of sharing their learning journey and achievements.”

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