Training professional massage therapists with sensitivity, creativity and integrity


What is MTI?

The Massage Training Institute was created by a group of dedicated and inspirational massage tutors in 1988, as no accrediting bodies at the time offered a holistic approach.

By following its key values of integrity, sensitivity and creativity, MTI quickly became a highly esteemed organisation.

The model of training and practice created by MTI now forms part of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) standards for holistic massage in the UK.

The essential and critical difference has always been to teach students a wide variety of techniques that could be adapted to an individual client rather than applying a set routine to treat all.

MTI began accrediting training schools that were able to demonstrate a similar ethos and understanding. To maintain those high standards, on diploma courses an MTI examiner assesses every student's practical and theoretical skills individually. Our diploma course is also externally verified every year.

MTI registered practitioners maintain their skills through a programme of continuing professional development and participation in regional support groups.

MTI is dedicated to massage therapy and nothing else.

This podcast with MTI Board member Dror Steiner explains the MTI approach to massage and tuition.

Structure of MTI

MTI is a not-for-profit company that is run by an elected Board of 5 members, plus 3 administration staff and a New Tutors Officer. There are also 3 councils that manage each aspect of the work of the organisation, made up of volunteer members: the Exams Council that manages the student journey and qualifications, the Schools Council that maintains teaching standards and the Practitioner Association Council (PAC) that represents members. The PAC is made up of 8 regional teams who offer events to members in their local area.

Download an overview of MTI (PDF)

Our mission statement

  • To train, inspire and develop holistic massage professionals of the highest quality.
  • To support and nurture a community of creative, effective and compassionate therapists, who are empowered to build their own practice and contribute to their communities.
  • To educate government, the complementary therapy industry, clients and the public about the value of the MTI’s holistic approach to massage and the value of working with a professional massage therapist.
  • Living our values in everything we do.

Our values

  • Inspire, empower, educate
  • Sensitivity, creativity, integrity, quality
  • Community
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