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Member Reviews

We asked members - why are you proud to be part of MTI?

"It’s like belonging to a big massage family."

"The course had so much more than just the massage techniques and there’s a real feeling of belonging."

"They’ve got strong principles and it’s all very real, they are true to it. It really works for us as practitioners and for the clients who come to see us."

"There is a really good focus on valuing what anyone can bring to a client, helping you to reach your full potential in the training and the holistic approach which ranges from science to alternative therapy."

"They are the most professional massage accreditation scheme. The training I’ve received is first class and it’s really prepared me to be a massage therapist."

Laura Richardson from East Anglia shares how being a member supports her

"It's a fantastic organisation that gives me so much support and confidence with my clients. It was the best decision I ever made."

Wall of Celebration

Each year for our annual conference we ask members to nominate themselves to be celebrated for what they were proud to have achieved in the last year. From this we create the Wall of Celebration.

2021 Wall of Celebration

2020 Wall of Celebration

2019 Wall of Celebration

2018 Wall of Celebration

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