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Wall of Celebration 2020

We asked members what achievements they were proud of in the last year

MTI East Anglia

Laura Richardson Inner space, MTI school in Norwich run by Kit Adam, joined with The Lanes Clinic (where four of the team are MTI-trained) to do street massage on 7 July 2019. They raised £490 for St Martins Housing, who provide night shelter for Norwich’s city homeless folk.

Taking part were (pictured left to right) Kit Adam, Lauren Plant, Laura Richardson, Samantha Quinton, Kerensa Martin, Rebecca Maxwell and Leanane Callaby and a group of massage students.

Colette Hardiman

Colette Hardiman I would like to celebrate completing a brilliant year with my colleagues Cleo and Hannah, teaching the MTI Holistic Diploma course for BCMB. Our students were fantastic, and I learnt so much from them. I also began practicing from a new location myself and have settled in well there and have lots of new things to look forward to in 2020 including new CPD and a beginners evening course I will be teaching.


Emma Claire

Emma Claire I doubled my client base! And worked *so hard* at that. I got some stunning business mentorship from really good people, which has transformed not just my business but my life. I'm so proud of what I achieved and - even better - so excited about what I will go on to achieve. This is just the start of my journey.



Gerry Andrews

Gerry Andrews Adding the MTI voice to the Integrative Health Convention again in October 2019 and generating some provocative conversations there and beyond. And continuing to build collaborative connections with other healthcare and healing professionals as part of Leeds Moment of Mass Mindfulness (MOMM).



Naomi Pegden

Naomi Pegden Opening my own therapy rooms, going completely self-employed and starting a new journey on my BTEC6.




Sharon Cole

Sharon Cole Going self-employed and choosing a path on my journey as a massage therapist.





Leanne Callaby

Leanne Callaby After overcoming all my health problems I'm so pleased to be back working again.

Laura Richardson

Laura Richardson I did my first presentation on 'The benefits of massage' at my local library for their Friends group.

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