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Welcome from new MTI Board member

Jennie Parke Matheson

Jennie Parke Matheson is the new MTI Board member for the practitioner council. Here she introduces herself and what she is working on for members at this time

Dear MTI Members.

I just want to say hello. Earle and Tim have both stepped down from the MTI Board and I have stepped up – and am now responsible for the practitioner members – which means you! You will find out who the rest of the team are at the AGM in May.

Now that I’ve joined the Board, there are two key things that I want to address and will be working on. Your concerns about CPD in the current climate and continuing to support you through the Covid crisis.

Re CPD, you really don’t need to worry. As you know it’s only 18 hours per year, with a huge variation of elements you can deploy. You may not be able to do actual hands-on classes, but there are masses of other things you can do. Jenny puts frequent updates in your newsletters about CPD. Do please read them. Don’t forget that in 2020 you will probably have watched the Healwell video, done a COSHH course and attended lots of webinars and podcasts about PPE and Covid. Now in 2021 there are new webinars about the vaccine. You each have a different year end depending on when you joined, so cutting across different times of activity – and you can roll excess hours over from previous years.

I will be working with your regional group teams to explore further how they can help with providing online CPD and we hope to generate some sessions from MTI Central too.

Deep Vein Thrombosis – Guidance and Safety Measures

A guide to assessing whether a client has DVT, including COVID-19 risk, by Earle Abrahamson

If you’ve never heard of it or are not sure what I’m talking about when referring to a DVT, it stands for “Deep Vein Thrombosis,” which is the formation of a blood clot in the lower limb.

The big issue with this is if the clot dislodges it can become a pulmonary embolism blocking blood vessels in the lung, which, depending on the size of the clot could be life-threatening. If it is a smaller size clot, at a minimum it can cause damage to the lungs.

Those who have recovered from COVID-19 may be at risk from DVTs. Read this article for more information.

Growth and challenge

Kate Browne, National Massage Champion

MTI member Kate Browne was crowned National Massage Champion and winner of the Advanced Massage category at Olympia on 30 September 2019. Here she shares her journey to the top of podium.

I saw the competition advertised a few months before the event and wondered, should I do it? I wanted to challenge myself and have a go, but I was sceptical about how it would be judged.

My mind was set at ease when I saw the judging panel. I saw that they were an amazing bunch and contained many therapists I admired such as Susan Findlay and Meghan Mari, so I thought, ‘this must have substance, they know what they are looking for, okay I’ll give it a try!’

Move your business forward: a case study

By Sarah Bryan, MTI member

Sarah Bryan

I have been in clinical practice for seven years and I love what I do. However, a year ago, I was almost at the point of giving up. Despite my passion, skills and bundle of qualifications, I was losing more money than I was making, in a desperate attempt to try and create a viable business. I knew that, if I had not found a viable solution by the end of 2018, I would have to throw in the towel, after six and a half years of trying and failing to make things work. Does this sound familiar? If so, read on!

2019 Conference Reviews

MTI conference 2019

Two reviews of our annual conference that took place on 11 May in Bristol. One from Wendy Shreeve, a member from the East Anglia region and the other from our Chairperson Earle Abrahamson.

Worth the Wait: MTI Conference 2019

By Wendy Shreeve

I was driving on the M4 towards Bristol on the day before the conference, the traffic was snarled up and I felt tired and hungry – was it really worth all this travelling for one day? Well, the answer turned out to be a resounding YES....

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