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How to get back into massage practise after a career break

Whether you’ve taken maternity or paternity leave, had time off to focus on other work, spent time travelling, had a lengthy illness or just needed some downtime, after a massage career break it may feel daunting to start your practice up again.

What is supervision?

Sue Attrill, experienced supervisor and supervisee, explains what happens in a supervision session, the value of it and benefits it can bring to your massage practice.

Super supervision

You’ve completed your diploma, you’ve passed your exams, time to celebrate your achievement and what you’ve learnt.

But what comes next? The journey into running a fully-fledged massage practice has just begun and there are many, many steps along the way. One action you can take that will have a profound impact on whether you stay in and flourish in your practice is to go to supervision. Many MTI members, tutors and school founders have said that the only reason they stayed in practise in the early days was supervision.

Reflections on 30 years of excellence and leading through doing

A review of the MTI Conference by Chair Earle Abrahamson

2018 conference

The Resource Centre in Holloway Road, London, was the home for this year’s conference. The Annual conference brought together a diverse range of practitioners and students, to not only celebrate 30 years of MTI existence but further to recognise the journey that each of us has travelled, from the inceptions of the MTI to current day practice.

MTI Conference 2018 review

A lovely review of our 2018 conference at the Resource for London Centre, on 21 April, by Krzys and Sinead of Busy Hive, a community site for massage therapists.

Busy Hive

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