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Judging the National Massage Championships: safeguarding standards and embracing diversity

By Earle Abrahamson, MTI Chair

National Massage Championships 1

I was recently asked to judge the National Massage Championships at London Olympia, the inaugural event of this kind in the UK.

When approached to serve as a judge I was sceptical about expectations, standards and the purpose of such a championship.

After meeting my fellow judges, it was refreshing to learn that we all share the same views and that each one of us is passionate about promoting massage therapy and raising standards across different genres and disciplines in massage and bodywork.

Supervision Stories

The next blog in our supervision series, here members share what supervision means to them, and how it has helped them to develop as a massage therapist.

Find an MTI supervisor in your area.

Have you done your tax return?

It’s that time of year: the leaves are turning golden brown, the children are back to school and the longer nights have us turning inwards.

Although the deadline is a few months off, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your tax return. If you want to avoid a last-minute rush in the last two weeks of January, now is a great time to dig out your receipts, calculate your clinic costs and check your mileage log.

How to Handle ‘You’re Too Expensive’ When Marketing Yourself in Person

By Katherine Creighton Cook
My Massage Mentor

One of the hardest parts of marketing yourself as a massage therapist is the possibility of dealing with ‘rejection’ on the basis of price or what you’re offering.

I say ‘rejection’ in quotes because it’s not really rejection, but it can feel like it.

Depending on whether it’s someone who just wants the cheapest thing of everything, or they’re genuinely surprised at the cost of a session, you’d choose a different approach for how you respond.

Before we look at responses, you first need to do some internal groundwork.

How to get back into massage practise after a career break

Whether you’ve taken maternity or paternity leave, had time off to focus on other work, spent time travelling, had a lengthy illness or just needed some downtime, after a massage career break it may feel daunting to start your practice up again.

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