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Massage for the Modern World: MTI Conference 2020

MTI Conference

Join us at the MTI conference on 28 March 2020 in Solihull to explore Massage for the Modern World. 21st century lifestyles have brought about or increased many health conditions, and as massage therapists we need to be prepared to work with them. Conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Cancer, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, Asthma and postural aches and pains including knee problems are all on the increase. Our conference offers workshops on these health concerns to help equip you to better help your clients.

Women's health takes centre stage this year, with our keynote address from Jenny Burrell. Jenny is the founder of Burrell Education, the only UK company dedicated solely to educating professionals that work with women's health, throughout the different life stages. Her speech focuses on how massage therapists are well-placed to make a huge difference to the wellbeing of post-natal women and she is also offering a workshop on the same topic.

MTI Chair appointed to CNHC Board


Earle Abrahamson, the Chair of the Massage Training Institute, has been appointed to the Board of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

This places MTI's approach to massage at the heart of national policy and regulation for the complementary therapy industry.

Earle said: "The CNHC board is tasked with ensuring that the CNHC fulfils its duties in providing and maintaining high standards of professionalism in terms of complementary healthcare practice and management. The board informs the CNHC on policy and practices, as well as advocating change in terms of recognition of, and support for, complementary healthcare of which massage is a core component.

MTI Chair elected as head of GCMT

Earle Abrahamson

Earle Abrahamson (pictured right), the Chair of MTI, has been elected as the Chair of the Council for Soft Tissue Therapies (GCMT). The GCMT is the umbrella body for soft tissue therapy in the UK and represents the interests of massage therapists at a national level.

Earle said: "Being elected chair or the GCMT means that MTI is strategically positioned in a greater national agenda that informs, influences and advocates for change in professional massage therapy standards and practices. And, the MTI ethos is at the forefront of developing training standards for massage therapy in the UK."

He added: "GCMT is proud of its work to date and will continue to campaign for change to not only improve massage therapy practice for all, but more importantly transform it. This will be achieved by drawing on the experience and expertise of our members, as well as the practitioners who join the professional associations."

MTI Member Wins National Massage Championships

Kate Browne, National Massage Championships

Kate Browne, an MTI member from our West Country region, has been crowned overall champion at the National Massage Championships in London.

The competition took place over 2 days at Olympia. Kate competed in the Advanced Massage category, which she won, meaning she went onto the final that was made up of the winners of each of the 6 categories. Kate was then awarded the overall title.

Kate said: 'It's just amazing, I can't put it into words. I had no expectation of winning against all these other amazing therapists. I was absolutely elated after winning my category.

"To be recognised by these judges whom I admire and aspire to is really special, it's the most amazing feeling."

Need to take a break?

Take a break from massage practice

There are times in life when we're unable to continue with massage practice, such as maternity leave or ill health, but would still like to remain an MTI member. Or perhaps you have recently graduated, and you aren’t sure yet whether you want to go forward with massage practice.

As a non-practising member, you don't need to complete CPD and can still join MTI events at the membership price. However, you won't be able to practice on members of the public or be covered by insurance.

Non-practising membership is £30 per year. When your membership is due for renewal, you can choose it from the list of options on the join or renew page.

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