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Resources update from MTI Central

More useful resources for members including where to go and what financial help is available, online CPD, useful articles and videos and inspirational quotes and support from other MTI members.

Launch of MTI podcast

Podcast microphone

The first episode of the MTI Tips and Tricks podcast is now live.

In this introductory session, we talk to MTI tutor, and founder of the Bodyology School of Massage, Dror Steiner, about the MTI approach to massage training and practice.

Each month we'll cover a different area of study and practice, from exam revision to GDPR, from learning advanced skills to filling in a tax return.

This first episode is available to all. Subsequent episodes are for members only and will be available in the member area of the website.

The next edition is available from 20 April and is with MTI Chair Earle Abrahamson, with tips on how to get through and thrive in the Coronavirus crisis.

CPD resources and sources of support through the Coronacrisis

Here is a list of free and low cost CPD resources you can access to keep yourself busy during lockdown. The MTI Board has relaxed the rules around CPD so online group events count as learning in a shared environment and you can also use any resource on the member area of the website as CPD, as long as you complete a 400-word write up.

There are also many sources of support on offer to help members through this challenging time.

Our member Facebook group has daily updates on both these areas, plus support and inspiration from other members.

Help for the self-employed through Coronavirus outbreak

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday announced a financial package to help self-employed people through the Coronavirus crisis. To qualify, you must have been registered self-employed for at least a year and make at least half your income this way. Those who qualify will be contacted by HMRC. More details.

All Face-To-Face Therapies to Stop - MTI Board Update

It’s not what we see that is important, but rather what we fail to recognise.

The unprecedented nature of the current public health crisis has required us all to work through incredibly complex, challenging and fast-moving issues. We have taken collective, resolute action to ensure our members and students are fully supported in their practice and study.

The rate of infection and the death toll from Coronavirus continues to rise at an alarming rate in the UK and across Europe. There is no doubt that we are and will be on a war-time footing to deal with this crisis. It is incumbent upon us all to do the right thing for ourselves and our fellow citizens.

We have to date left decisions about whether or not to continue to trade at your own discretion based on Government guidelines. Unfortunately the guidelines are grey in our area of practice, leaving us all damned if we do and damned if we don't. Ultimately, we at the MTI can no longer reconcile Government advice on social distancing with the continued provision of massage services and indeed all therapies that involve touch and close proximity.

It is with great regret and with a full understanding of the potential financial consequences for many of you that we advise, unequivocally, the immediate suspension of your practices (if your practice involves face to face consultations). Whilst we advocate for the suspension of practice until further guidance on return to practice becomes available, we also recognise the need for our practitioners to stay connected to their clientele. To this end, we encourage digital and electronic communication via online and telephone platforms.

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