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MTI Conference 2019 - One great day

Laughter, learning and meeting, the 2019 conference in Bristol


MTI Tutor Appointed to CNHC Role

Jennie Parke Matheson

MTI tutor and practitioner, Jennie Parke Matheson, is the new massage therapy representative on the CNHC profession specific board.

This means that she will play a key role in shaping national policy and promoting the value of professional massage therapy in the UK. We are so proud of her, well done Jennie!

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Last chance to attend this year's conference

Conference 2019

Our annual conference in Bristol on 11 May is almost sold out, we have just a few places left if you want to join us this year.

In keeping with our theme, Sustaining a Happy, Healthy Massage Career, we have workshop spots left on Creating Healthy Boundaries, Limitless Confidence and Supervision as Self-Care in the morning, and Mind, Body Movement Clinic in the afternoon.

It's your last chance to book for 2019!

Destress this April

April is Stress Awareness Month and we'll be sharing news and views on this topic throughout the month.

Massage Training Institute

Massage is a proven way to destress and the science supports this, as these research studies show:

  • Massage is better at reducing anxiety than any other treatment studied (Crawford et al meta analysis 2016)
  • Massage benefits may include improvements in body image esteem, pain management and the therapeutic value of touch and it could play a preventative role in a decline in emotional wellbeing (Munk and Zanjani 2011)
  • Research indicates that massage therapy has a positive impact on emotional wellbeing, in both healthy adults and those with mental health conditions (MTI Research Group 2017)
  • Massage therapy may promote a parasympathetic response by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and feelings of anxiety (C.A. Moyer, James Rounds and James W. Hannum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Psychological Bulletin, 2004 Vol 130)

Get your Muscle Testing Manual this October

Muscle Testing: A Concise Manual

MTI chair Earle Abrahamson has a new book arriving on shelves this Autumn, written in partnership with his Learn Anatomy co-founder Jane Langston.

Muscle Testing: A Concise Manual will be released by Handspring Publishing later this year.

Muscle testing is a vital part of any bodyworker's treatment toolkit. This book provides a handy reference guide on common muscle tests, together with a concise overview of each muscle's attachments to bone and fascia, its actions and some clinical hints and tips.

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