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Conference: Cambridge 2012

Conference 2012

“The Seven Ages of Man” – Shakespeare

Considering the Importance of Holistic Massage and Bodywork from Conception through to Death

The fourth Massage Training Institute Annual Conference was a great success with over 90 attendees taking part in career enhancing workshops and enjoying networking with fellow practitioners.

The theme for 2012 was developed by the East Anglia MTI Practitioner Council, with leadership from Hannah Alexander, from an idea of using William Shakespere’s text “The Seven Ages of Man”. We loosely worked upon his text to create six workshops reflecting areas of life we may come across in our work as holistic massage therapists and bodyworkers. The ‘Ages’ we are presenting as workshops are Conception, Pregnancy & Birth; Massage in Schools; Growing up with Money; Becoming an MTI Teacher; Later Life and Postural Help; and Dying and Death.

We had a fabulous team of presenters, all of whom are experts in their field of specialism.

  • Suzanne Yates who presented Conception, Pregnancy and Birth – Website
  • Sally Morris and Tracy Crisp who presented Massage in Schools Website
  • Corrina Gordon-Barnes who presented Earn a Healthy Living as a Massage TherapistWebsite
  • Andy Fagg and Darien Pritchard who presented Becoming an MTI Tutor –Andy’s Website and Dariens’ Website
  • Anna Orren who presented Later Life and Postural Help – Website
  • Felicity Warner who presented Death and Dying Website
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