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Conference: Cardiff 2016

Cardiff conference

The Cardiff conference was another great success, with the 150 delegates enjoying 10 diverse and informative workshops and a range of stalls offering samples and gifts.

The theme for 2016 was ‘Self-care for Massage Practitioners’ to recognise that we need to give to ourselves as we care for others.

We’d like to thank all the workshop leaders, with particular gratitude to Darien Pritchard who gave the Keynote Speech. Darien shared his extensive knowledge about posture, hands free massage and how to have a long and happy career by taking care of your body while working.

View the MTI Conference 2016 – Delegate Booklet

Workshops 2016:

  • Happiness – An Inside Job? with Sarah Hoare
  • Neurodynamic Assessment of the Brachial Plexus with Earle Abrahamson
  • Practising Mindfulness with Sharon Bull
  • Yoga: Ahimsa the Practice of Non-Violence with Rose Thorn
  • Get Ahead of a Headache with MFR with Ruth Duncan
  • Hands Free Massage with Darien Pritchard
  • Thai Massage and the Power of Breath with Yvonne Cattermole
  • Making Therapy Work: A Business Approach with Rachel Stuckey
  • Making Hands Like Water: Music and Massage with Piers Partridge
  • Sole Secrets: Treating Foot and Ankle Issues with MFR with Ruth Duncan

Picture gallery

A View into the Conference Marketplace
Silvan Skincare in the conference Marketplace
Songbird Natural Wax at the conference Marketplace
Darien Pritchard’s Keynote Speech
Darien Pritchard’s Keynote Speech
Sarah Hoare at Happiness – An Inside Job?
Happiness – An Inside Job?
Earle Abrahamson demos in Neurodynamic Assessment of the Brachial Plexus
Neurodynamic Assessment of the Brachial Plexus in action
Practising Mindfulness
Sharon Bull in Practising Mindfulness
Yoga: Ahimsa, the Practice of Non-Violence
Rose Thorn demos Ahmisa
Ruth Duncan demos MFR for Headaches
Darien Pritchard using the roller in Hands Free Massage
Practising Hands Free Massage
Yvonne Cattermole demos Thai Massage
Thai Massage demo
Rachel Stuckey shares about Making Therapy Work: Massage and Business
Taking notes on Making Therapy Work
Piers Partridge and friends providing Music for Massage
Making Hands Like Water: Music for Massage
Discovering the Sole Secrets of MFR
Ruth Duncan offers pointers on Treating Foot and Ankle Issues with MFR

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