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Rocking the Body: Push-Pull Techniques with Darien Pritchard (Part 2)

Rocking the Body: Push-Pull Techniques with Darien Pritchard (Part 2)

Healthy Life Centre, 35-37 Bread St, Edinburgh EH3 9AL.
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22 September 2019, 13.30 – 17.00

Healthy Life Centre, Edinburgh

Rocking the body - Part 2: Push-Pull Techniques

In 2018, Darien presented an Introductory day in Edinburgh on rhythmical rocking and rolling techniques that can be incorporated into massage sessions. That day covered techniques that work across the trunk and limbs.

This 2019 workshop complements and extends those techniques. It covers rhythmical techniques which work along the length of the trunk and limbs, (‘push-and-pull’ techniques) including rhythmical stretches. We’ll look at a range of these, and also how to transition fluidly between these and the cross-ways rhythmical techniques.

We’ll cover techniques which can easily be blended into massage treatments (with a little practice). As well as techniques for the whole body, there will be rhythmical stretches for the neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Participants will be given practical guidance on how to work with the recipient’s natural body rhythms, rather than imposing an arbitrary rhythm (which can be quite jangling for the recipient).

Rhythmical work of this type is an underused element of the massage ‘toolkit’. However, it offers an effective way of enhancing other massage techniques to counter the stiffening-up that is such as consequence of today's sedentary lifestyles. The effects can be relaxing, stimulating or both, helping clients to release tension and to regain flexibility, and delivering a feeling of re-enlivening the body.

Darien Pritchard has been a bodyworker for over four decades. He trained massage professionals for 25 years, and has taught Professional Development courses for massage practitioners for 30 years. He is writing a book on Hands Free Massage and is preparing new editions of the student text Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Massage (2001/04) and his career-maintenance reference book Effective, Strain-Free Massage (2007).

Darien has been developing RhythmMobility® bodywork in his practice since the 1980s and teaching it for over two decades. He combined and extended elements of massage and the Feldenkrais Method® with his love of rhythm (enhanced through dancing and playing music). Darien has also been a pioneer in ‘Hands Free’ Massage (the skilful, sensitive use of the forearms and elbows) to save the practitioner’s hands.

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