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Massage and CoVid-19 in Scotland

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20 October 2020, 19.30 – 21.00

Zoom, Online

This will be a 90 minute guide from Ruth Duncan, who runs Myofascial Release UK, on the current situation as regards Massage in Scotland.

We'll look at issues such as:

Masks verses face coverings
Goggles verses visors
What is the high risk zone and can it be treated?
Behind the head opposed to side lying and supine
How to do a risk assessment for the winter
Why no mobile?
High risk categories and shielding - when and who to treat
Recent international travel and the law
Why is English guidance different?
English QR code
How to keep warm but still adequately ventilate in the winter
Disposal of waste
Why the 15 min between clients and no longer than 60min treatment guidance?
I'm seeing other therapists doing 90 mins and even 2-3 hours treatments, why can they do this and we can’t
Test and Protect, the guidance and the law
Self Isolation with or without PPE

The topics may change slightly in reflection of any more current guidance and with questions arising from MTI members.

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