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Stress, anxiety and overwhelm - how these manifest in the body and how to support our clients. Online workshop with Emma Gilmore.

Stress, anxiety and overwhelm - how these manifest in the body and how to support our clients. Online workshop with Emma Gilmore.

23 January 2021, 10.00 – 13.00

Zoom online event, Edinburgh

In these extraordinary times, my sense is that there is stress permeating through our towns, cities and countryside, there seems to be an undercurrent of stress. I truly feel never before has our work been so important or in demand. Understanding how to support our most anxious or overwhelmed clients is a gift. In this seminar we will begin to explore the difference between stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

We will look at the different types of stress from the physical to psycho-social. Understand that stress is both psychological and physiological response to a stressor - whether real or perceived. We will look at how stress actually affects us differently depending on past experience - we will explore a healthy nervous system and how we can either get stuck on "ON" in a hyper aroused state or stuck on "OFF" a dissociated state.
I will teach you how to recognise these states in a clinical setting and teach you how you can support your clients, with their physical, emotional and mental health through times of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. I will explore fantastic techniques to encourage a dropping down into a parasympathetic state.

We will explore breathwork; as well as your practitioner presence. I will explain about your ability to resource, self regulate and assist clients with co-regulation. This workshop should give you the tools to assist even the most anxious clients, with these skills you may see considerable benefits to your work, with anxious, overwhelmed adults and children.


Emma Gilmore is Director of School of Bodywork, which she established in 2009, with the intention of delivering up to date knowledge, and progressive skills to therapists.  She is an advanced bodywork therapist currently specializing in fascia informed bodywork. With a background in more traditional forms of massage including Swedish Massage & Sports Massage Emma had a bio-mechanical approach to treatment. This all changed when an interest in the emotional component of chronic injury arose. Through many years of further study including Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Emma deepened her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, witnessed through personal experience and sensitive clinical work, the delicacy of the human condition and how our entire life’s experience is stored within our physiology. She also discovered how much our bio-phsyco-social make-up influences our interpretation of pain as well as our recovery from both physical and emotional injury. Emma shares with compassion and enthusiasm her knowledge of how physical and emotional injury and patterns of overwhelm manifest in our physiology causing pain, discomfort and pathologies, as well as the potential for healing through bodywork. 

Emma’s passion for the benefits of bodywork are enthusiastically transmitted through her national and international teaching. She has been a judge at the National Massage Championships, is a founding member of the Fascia Research Society (FRS) and writes regularly for Massage World Magazine. She is developing a book on fascia and the body mind complex. Having been a bodywork therapist for 27 years, Emma shares her detailed knowledge in an accessible and engaging way. She encourages all students to develop their own style, drawing on their personal knowledge and experience when dealing with patients.

Emma’s journey through the world of bodywork has been a very personal one of self-development and healing and it is with this understanding and sensitivity she shares her knowledge.

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