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How to get back into massage practise after a career break

Whether you’ve taken maternity or paternity leave, had time off to focus on other work, spent time travelling, had a lengthy illness or just needed some downtime, after a massage career break it may feel daunting to start your practice up again.

Here’s a few ways to either keep your hand in while you are away or re-engage when the time is right:

  • Attend regional team meetings: you can still go to regional events, whether you are an MTI member or not and stay connected with your local massage community.
  • Take out a non-practising membership: this is a low-cost way of staying in touch with the MTI community. You won’t need to complete CPD you’ll still be able to get tickets to regional events at the member price and access some resources on the website.
  • Do a swap with a practitioner in your area: you can search for other MTI members or approach any local bodyworker to see if they would be willing to do an exchange.
  • Attend an introductory workshop or massage practise day: all MTI schools run some kind of introductory evening, day or weekend course and some also run massage practise days that give you the chance to refresh your skills.
  • Attend supervision: many MTI tutors offer monthly supervision and there are other non-MTI sources of supervision available, such as CHNC registered practitioners. Even if you aren’t practising it’s a great way to stay engaged with your passion for massage.
  • Attend a CPD course: refreshing your First Aid certificate could be a good place to start if you want to begin practising again.

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