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Lone Working Safety

Ros Cope

Many members work alone, whether that be as a mobile therapist, in a clinic or at home. Director Ros Cope offers a few thoughts on how to keep safe when working alone.

Among all the very necessary effort we put into our business, it is sensible to spend a little time on your safety in your working life.

Everyone’s situation will be a little different, but here are a few tips:

  • Try to establish the genuineness of each new client before you agree to meet them. For example, by doing their consultation, or at the very least taking their full address and asking them how they heard about you.
  • Don’t succumb to financial (or any other) pressure to take on every potential client. If it doesn’t feel right for any reason, then say no.
  • Consider setting up a system of phoning or texting a friend/colleague to check-in and out at the beginning and end of sessions with new clients.
  • If at all possible, make sure someone else is in the building, especially for first appointments with a new client.
  • Carry a personal alarm and/or mobile phone and consider using a personal safety app.
  • Be clear about and maintain professional boundaries.
  • Be careful with disclosing information about you - for example: don’t have personal photos on display; don’t tell them about regular activities or places you visit.

There is some great advice on the Suzy Lamplugh website

Personal Safety at work

And there are various personal safety apps you can download for free, such as the Holly Guard app.

Please be a safety savvy therapist in all areas of your practice.

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