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C-19 Return to Work update

These are the earliest possible re-opening dates for massage, categorised under the close contact and personal care status:

  • Wales mid March (will know more on 12 March)
  • England 12 April
  • Scotland 26 April

As we are 3-9 weeks off these dates, we advise you to wait until at least the middle of March to start taking bookings again. These dates could be moved back in any of the nations.

Once we have returned to work, everyone will continue to wear full PPE and work in Covid Safe environments, whatever the vaccine status of yourself or your clients. We need to continue this until we are absolutely sure that the risk of transmission is significantly reduced.

GCMT will provide additional guidance on vaccine advice and an updated screening form before members return to work.

It isn’t clear if there will be a different timeline for mobile and home-based therapists, we will update you on this as soon as we know.

We will highlight the differences between England, Scotland and Wales.

We don't anticipate returning to work sooner under the exemption used in the November lockdown for the following reasons:
  • GCMT (and MTI as a member organisation) see that we are in a different situation now. The November lockdown was meant to lower infection rates enough to make it possible for people to be together at Christmas. It didn't work. Even though infection rates are now going down, if we open up too quickly, we risk them rising again and new variants developing.
  • Given this situation, GCMT is taking the cautious approach that means hopefully when we do start work, we won't have to close again a few weeks later.
  • Massage and sports massage are both classed as close contact personal care by government. GCMT is pushing for both to be classified as healthcare, but this hasn't yet been changed by government. The law states that close contact services will stay closed until at least the dates given at the start of this news item for each UK nation.

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Jenny on behalf of MTI on April 12 2021 at 10:12

Hi Coral,

Yes you can give mobile massage again, taking into account all the previous guidelines about reducing risk.

And you are most welcome x


Coral Banks on April 11 2021 at 14:52

Would you be able to clarify whether we can return to mobile massage please? For me that means going into someone else's house to give massage. Thank you very much and thank you for all the guidance you have provided which has been invaluable.

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