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Call out for massage research team - get involved!

Are you interested in carrying out research? Do you want to help create an evidence-base for massage and raise its professional standing in the UK?

Anyone interested in undertaking research, participating in a study or with research ideas, get in touch as MTI is actively encouraging members to add to the body of research on massage in the UK.

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The research doesn't need to take the form of a quantitive hard scientific study, it could also use qualitative methods such as questionnaires, pain scales and other client feedback that you may already be using in your practise.

Organisations that might give funding for such work include chronic pain foundations, looking for different ways to help those experiencing long-term pain.

The MTI Board is looking to get a research team together to put together a funding proposal.

To get involved, email the MTI research group.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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