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GCMT guidelines for lockdowns across the UK

The GCMT has reviewed all the latest guidance pertaining to close contact services across all 4 nations now that we are back in lockdown. In line with government guidelines we continue to advise that all close contact (massage) services stop with immediate effect.

There are organisations whose registrants are currently still permitted to provide support (such as CNHC) - specifically and only to clients who have a “genuine health condition/medical need that requires urgent treatment and cannot be deferred. Any treatment decided upon must be fully justified and documented”.

You must exercise the utmost caution and implement your best professional judgement when assessing the risk as to whether to treat or not. You must decide honestly whether the benefits of seeing a client in person outweighs the risks. Treatment must be not only essential, but critical, as in, the client cannot function with it.

NB 1: The permission to treat is only for those who are confirmed registrants of those respective organisations. If you do not have membership one of these organisations, then you are advised not to work.

NB 2: Please note that your insurance cover is based on following your PA advice – in this case GCMT/MTI - and the current government guidelines.

We cannot stress enough the severity of the situation we find ourselves in. The infection rate in the UK is very high and the NHS is under considerable strain.

Additional information on insurance

You may wonder if you are a CNHC member if you have insurance cover to work, as this differs from the MTI guidance. Here's guidance from Balens. If you are with another insurance broker, please contact them direct to find out if you are covered. Further updates will follow next week.

Q: Can I continue to practice whilst the country is in lockdown?

A: Balens, as an Insurance Broker, are unable to provide to you with specific guidance on whether you can continue to work, or what measures need to be taken to continue your practice. Guidance on this will depend on the activities you practice and your location. As you can appreciate, making such important decisions is outside of our remit. Our core purpose is to source a suitable policy to meet your insurance needs and to clarify how cover operates. That said, many of you will know, that Balens is a specialist Broker in the Health, Wellbeing, Fitness and Beauty arena and prides itself on supporting our clients. We have put together the following considerations:
  • Follow the Government guidelines and advice at all times and abide by any legislative requirements.
  • Consult your Professional Body, Association and/or Training Provider for guidance, if relevant.
  • Follow Best Practice guidance and observe any Codes of Conduct, if relevant.
  • Consider whether it is essential that you undertake work, whether you are deemed a key or critical worker and whether all Government restrictions have been lifted for your business sector.
  • Evaluate whether you can treat clients remotely via video-link and observe social distancing rules/infection control.
  • Execute your own professional judgement.

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