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GCMT Statement for Wales - Covid-19 - Post 17 August 2021

he main changes from Gov Wales with the update is to remove the legislative requirements and provide guidelines.

Whereas previously there had been specific instructions for Sports Massage, Acupuncture and Sports Therapy there is just a general update covering Close Contact Services

Based on best practice, the GCMT advise the following:

  • Continue to review and when necessary update your risk assessment.
  • Ensure that you maintain a good level of ventilation by:-
    • Enhancing airflow by opening windows and propping open internal doors (but not fire doors) where possible.
    • If there is a lack of natural ventilation, ensuring mechanical ventilation systems provide 100% fresh air and do not recirculate air from one space to another.
    • Making sure mechanical ventilation systems are effectively maintained and have been serviced.
    • For further information refer here.
  • Continue with the Covid-19 screening as per previous GCMT guidelines.
  • If you are a mobile therapist then you still need to make sure that you have a risk assessment. Where possible make sure your client is ventilating the room that will be used and use your own towels and linens.
  • Continue to display posters covering the use of good hygiene protocols and ensure that you have wipes/hand sanitiser as needed.
  • PPE – In an indoor setting face coverings/masks should be worn by clients and by therapists. It is advisable that a therapist should continue with Type IIR Face Masks, visors, aprons and gloves. Visors and aprons should be cleaned between appointments if reusable or discarded.
  • It is recommended that treatments should only be provided on an appointment basis.
  • Retain client details in the event of contact from test and trace and the practitioner (Multi-Therapist Clinics).
  • Cleaning - Ensure that all areas which the client has been in contact with is cleaned between appointments with an appropriate wipe/cleaning material. If you are using a chemical cleaner then make sure you have read the Safety Data Sheet for any restrictions or recommendations of use.
  • Consider using lateral flow testing x2 per week and record results for insurance.
  • Consider downloading the Covid-19 check-in app with QR code.

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