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Latest COVID-19 Update from MTI Board - Members, PLEASE READ

In these unprecedented times it is difficult to predict what the future will hold in terms of returning to work. What we know is that government provides updates on reasonable action to ensure that we all stay safe, protect the NHS and save lives.

Knowing this is important but it does not alleviate the stress many of us find ourselves in with questions around loss of earnings, future sustainability, financial concerns and many more besides. As a Board we are working to ensure that members are supported through these difficult times. We have posted numerous social media articles, podcasts, webinars and support ideas to aid our journey through the pandemic. What we are unable to do is act against government advice. As chair of the MTI, GCMT, as well as a CNHC board member, Earle Abrahamson has tried to position himself to relay best advice by working collaboratively with healthcare organisations including Public Health England.

He is in constant meetings to discuss difficult and complex situations and seek advice on what can best be described as troublesome solutions. We are not alone as many organisations, schools and practices have had to think laterally, reflectively and honestly about future outcomes.

The guidelines for massage therapy practice is vague and we need to look to similar health professionals (osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapy) to understand the advice given to their members, including consulting international organisations in similar positions. Some of you may be aware of the discrepancy in advice with social media inflamed with different suggestions and views.

Our main priority as a Board is to ensure your safety and that as an organisation, MTI acts responsibly and professionally. We assure you that we are listening to concerns and using expertise within our membership to direct our future objectives and goals.

From a financial perspective, we have had to ensure our long-term sustainability and needed to act quickly to reduce expenditure and save costs where necessary. This has led to a reshaping of our employed staff with some being furloughed while others have reduced hours. These measures are fundamental to MTI being able to function and succeed in these unsettled times. Below is a summary of changes to the MTI office and staffing.

Following the notification that exams have been suspended (as per OFQUAL) the exams office is now temporarily closed to enable us to furlough exams officer Diana Newson. Director of exams Karen Yarnell is monitoring the situation and once it looks like exams can resume the exams office will re-open. Clear information is provided on the email response and the phone system to guide people trying to contact the office.

Membership officer Anna Glowacka and marketing officer Jenny Hampton have both reduced their hours as much as they can while still maintaining sufficient capacity to provide members with the interaction and support that is so needed at this time. This is still open to change depending on the needs of MTI and the membership.

As always, we welcome your ideas, suggestions, and contributions to enable us to succeed while ensuring we can sustain our activities post Covid-19. We are working with tutors to investigate and consider actions that can assist with our Covid-19 planning.

Please visit our Facebook group for updates and information.

We intend to communicate regularly so that together we can manage our futures.

Yours in good health and safety,

Earle, Karen, Tim
MTI Board

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