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MTI Board Update June 2020 Covid 19 – Towards a New Normal

Dear Members,

We hope this letter finds you well and safe.

This update is relatively brief but focused on a resource pack that contains essential information when planning your return to work. Please note we are not in a position to return to work yet and await government advice as to when that may be possible.

Over the past month, we have been updating members via live and recorded feeds that hopefully have served to inform you of developments and advances in preparation for eventual return to work.

In this update, the focus is on preparation for returning to practice. It is noted and acknowledged that our sector has exercised resolve and patience in what can best be described as uncertain and difficult times. In listening to government advice the messages that are broadcast speak about a phased return to work, provided that individuals practise social distancing and wear appropriate PPE. This is dependent on a drop in the R number and a reduction in the spread of infection.

COVID19 has transformed lives and practices but also provided sufficient time for reflection on practice and consideration of best practice.

As we await the return to work many members have raised concern about resuming their work. The reasons are broad but centre around volume of changes necessary, additional costs and threat of legal action if procedures are not followed fully. As a PA, MTI is tasked with adequately and professionally informing and protecting its membership. To this end, and through the collaborative work of the GCMT, we have developed guidelines and a resource pack. The resource pack contains information to enable our members to extract key procedures and protocols in a user-friendly manner. Included in the pack is additional declarations, risk assessments, posters, signage and websites with supplier information.

Please use the resource pack when planning your return to work. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on further guidance for future updates to the pack.

I conclude by reminding us all, that our work will be needed as and when we are able to return to work. The physical touch combined with the mental health reassurance is essential in helping the nation come to terms with the reality of the new normal.

Once again, we hope you continue to stay connected, focused, strong and in touch as we prepare for the next stages.

Best wishes


On behalf of the MTI board.

Resource pack can be downloaded below:

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