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MTI Members given the go ahead to work

All current MTI members are eligible to work during lockdown, under 47, section 4 in the government legal guidelines for lockdown that state those providing medical and health services can continue to practice.

There are new restrictions to follow however, and members must read our comprehensive guidance sheet before starting work again.

Find an MTI practitioner in your area to help you through lockdown.

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Jenny on behalf of MTI on November 12 2020 at 09:50

Hi again Mark - can you email the schools office direct? Our schools administrator Diana can then respond to you in full. The address is

Jenny on behalf of MTI on November 11 2020 at 10:57

Hi Mark,

Our schools are following the government approved guidance on educational settings, it is different to what is advised to individual practitioners. I'm going to send your comments to our schools office so they can answer you more fully.

Kind regards,


Mark on November 6 2020 at 13:48

I'm a student on the Holistic Massage Diploma and I'm wondering what the position of MTI is vis a vis the lockdown? My school is intending to continue teaching during the lockdown, I assume they feel they fall under 'education', does that still hold even though the massage itself is prohibited? (I.e. we are students thus not Level 4 qualified yet, no genuine healthcare need, etc). They are also holding practical exams for another course this weekend, but because they are prohibited from practicing on members of the public like normal they have asked students from other courses to step in - is this allowed? I'm not sure that there is any difference between a member of the public and students on a separate course - we are both strangers.

Even if it is technically allowed to teach, does the MTI feel it is advisable for schools to continue teaching, even though the students will be forbidden by law to practice outside of the weekend teaching, even on fellow students? How can there be sufficient learning in between weekends?

I realise this is something to take up with the school in the first instance, but I'm curious what your position is. I know that a substantial portion of my classmates are dissatisfied with the way the school has handled the situation, but in effect the answer seems to be 'the school needs the teaching money to survive'. It feels like the quality of our education is being sacrificed for the sake of the school. Thank you for any advice you can give.

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