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MTI supports career breaks

We all need a break. Sometimes we need more than a week or two off, for one of many reasons. It could be the joyful arrival of a child, or the need to support a poorly relative. It could be that you are experiencing a period of ill health or burn out yourself and need time to heal. Maybe you want to take some time off to travel, or just give yourself a break from working with clients for a while.

Career break

Whatever the reason, MTI supports its members to have career breaks through offering a non-practising membership. This half price option means you stay involved in the massage community you are part of, so you can keep in touch with friends and colleagues while you have time away.

And while you can’t earn money as a massage therapist while you have this membership, it makes it easier to get back into the saddle when you are ready.

With a non-practising membership, you can:

  • receive the member discount for MTI events
  • log into a dedicated member area on the website
  • access member resources
  • be part of the member-only Facebook group.

You can’t:

  • get insurance to practise massage
  • receive MTI member discounts.

If you are currently on a career break or thinking about one, have a look at our Get Back Into Practise blog, for ways you can reignite your massage career after taking time out.

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