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Why choose an MTI practitioner?

Why should you choose an MTI-accredited therapist for your massage treatment?

Massage therapy in the UK isn’t regulated. Anyone can set themselves up as a massage therapist with little or no training. Unlike other forms of therapy, such as psychotherapy or physiotherapy, there are no laws or regulations holding practitioners to account.

Watch this video to see an MTI massage in action:

When you are in pain or stressed and needing a space to let go, you want to make sure that you are putting yourself in good hands. How can you do that? Go see an MTI therapist. Benefits include:

  • Deep tissue massage to release long-held tensions and adjust posture
  • Ease emotional and psychological stress
  • Get support for chronic pain and illness
  • Holistic therapy that includes mind, body and soul. We see the whole person, not just the ailment
  • Client-centred treatment: we meet you how you are on the day and ask you what is going to help you the most
  • Aftercare for you to practise between sessions to help you make real, sustainable changes
  • Build an ongoing therapeutic relationship that can support you through life for years to come
  • Our high standard of training: Level 4 and 5 Diplomas, which are a minimum of nine months long and equivalent to the first and second year of a degree programme
  • Our mandatory code of ethics, so you can be sure of the professionalism and integrity of our therapists. If you do have an issue with one of our members you can contact MTI central in confidence.

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