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Gillian Kobiela

Gillian Kobiela

Hello :)

Thank you for coming to look at my profile. My qualifications include an HND in Complementary Therapies, diplomas in Holistic Therapy, Advanced Myofascial Release and specialised training in pregnancy massage, chair massage and relaxation practice.

I have taken everything that I have learned over the years and combined it to provide for you, a wonderful workplace massage experience.

Workplace massage therapy is great, I just love it and I'm sure that you will too.
It is a way of introducing massage therapy to more and more people who would otherwise miss out.
I have seen many people in a workplace environment who have told me that they would never go for a massage. Many have looked up after their treatment and asked "Can I book again?" I just love that 20 minutes can make such a big difference to a person's day.

Just some reasons to invest in workplace massage with me -

One session costs a fraction of a full hour or more in clinic. Booking as a group, you can save even more without compromising on the quality of the treatment.

No need to undress. No oils or creams to mess up your clothes. The chair can fit discreetly into your workspace. Shorter sessions can fit easily into your day without disrupting the flow of the workspace.

The specially designed chair is adaptable and can comfortably support most people. In the event that it may not provide a comfortable or supportive enough position, I can use regular office chairs / desk and alter the treatment to suit, so that everyone can benefit.

A short, 20 minute session can provide a significant reduction in distracting physical pain, help to regulate breathing, clear the mind and improve the overall mood and performance of individuals. Shorter sessions of chair massage performed regularly, can help to prevent pain and discomfort caused by repetitive strains and movements common to the working environment.

Massage therapy encourages the body to release feel good hormones that help us to enter a more positive mindset. Receiving a massage also helps us to feel more connected, which can help people to cope with emotional and mental health issues.

Workplace massage can be provided as a regular wellbeing practice, a quarterly incentive, a thank you after a particularly busy period or as part of a Healthy Working Lives initiative.

In addition to offering chair massage within work spaces, I can also offer chair massage to private groups such as hen afternoons, pamper birthdays, relax days after long haul travel, or for any other group that wants to promote relaxation and wellbeing such as walking groups, book groups, mother and baby groups, sports groups etc.

Although the standard treatment time is 20 minutes, 30 minute sessions can also be offered if preferred.

Due to some restrictions I can only see groups of up to six people at one time with a thirty minute gap between clients.

Please do get in touch via email with any questions and remember - Massage Works - Try It !! :)

19 Carrick Knowe Avenue, EDINBURGH EH12 7BX

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