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Jeni Matthewman, Breathe Body Therapies

Jeni Matthewman, Breathe Body Therapies

I provide therapeutic massage, myofascial release, breathing therapy and energy healing - designed to reconnect you with your body and breath - at my peaceful therapy rooms in Ashburton, Devon.

I work with people from all walks of life, from people with chronic pain or injury which may limit freedom of movement and impact upon physical and mental health, to those who may simply want to find time for themselves. I have a special interest in emotional anatomy and how stress becomes embedded in the body, with a particular focus on rebalancing and restoring healthy nervous system functioning. Each person receives something tailored to their individual needs in a nurturing space where both body and mind can unwind.

I believe that body and breath therapy is a form of communication – an integrated whole-person approach that speaks to every layer of being. Compassionate and caring touch can have a profound impact in times of need, as well as supporting physical and emotional wellbeing on an ongoing basis. Treatments are intended to enable you to drop deeply into an experience of your body and breath - creating the space for healing to occur naturally.

Instagram: @breathebodytherapies


Place Lane, Ashburton TQ13 7EP

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