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Wholly Holistic Massage

Wholly Holistic Massage

Nothing helps like human touch.
Unique holistic massage in a peaceful farmhouse. I can include Reiki in the treatment.
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Near Long Melford, Suffolk CO10 9AX


Anna Macdonald: During the evening I was very tired and could feel the effects of the stretching and pummelling, and drank a lot of water. Once I got into bed I was out like a light and the sleep was SO deep. This morning when I awoke, as suggested I lay still, assessing my body and concentrating on my breathing. The joyful thing was that all my joints work!! Everything moves as it should do. I shall definitely come back as regularly as I can. As to environment and comfort, you put me at ease, my dignity never felt compromised and the room was cosy and the table was so comfortable. Thank you. February 4, 2022

David Landon: After my treatment I had great peace of mind and my body had much better movement. I also felt physically stronger. I slept very well. Today I continued to have improved movement and some 'good clicks' as my body is able to readjust towards normal. Thank you very much for your help. January 15, 2022

Nicholas Croft: I felt very relaxed and well stretched. A great massage and I slept deeply. January 2, 2022

Amy Barton: So...driving home I felt taller and most definitely more grounded and calmer. I was deeply relaxed and after dinner went upstairs to put my pyjamas on - told the family I'll be down in a sec, but I fell asleep!! Slept like a log and right through from 9pm - 7am. Today, I feel calmer and lighter and more balanced. Thanks very much. Be in touch soon! Amy December 20, 2021

Lucy Smith: Thank you Michael - I had planned to text but you beat me too it! Last night I was exhausted and I did sleep very soundly 👏. The whole experience was excellent from start to finish, you were very kind, respectful, informative and professional. December 9, 2021

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