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Lauren Beighton

I qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist – Diploma level 4 over 8 years ago from the Sheffield Centre for Massage training.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing people feel more relaxed within their mind and body. I believe that what happens within the mind, such as external stresses and previous traumas can cause the body to hold tension alongside what we are also doing physically in life.

I am a Holistic Massage Therapist that is client centred. What I hold is a toolbox of varied skills, therapeutic, deep tissue, stretches and passive joint mobilisations. I use a combination of these within each massage which can be applied from head to toe.

When attending a massage with me it will start with a conversation where I gain an understanding of you as an individual and how you use your body. Where you’re holding tension, areas that may be causing pain, current stress levels and what outcome you would like from the massage. From this information I utilise my varied knowledge to hopefully achieve your desired outcome.


Therapeutic massage
Deep Tissue massage
Pre & Postnatal Pregnancy Massage
Trauma Savvy Practitioner

4 Priory Avenue, Sheffield S7 1LT

Claire Taylor Massage Therapy, Media House, 63 Wostenholm Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1LE

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