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Maddie Smith

Maddie Smith

I'm a registered sports and holistic massage therapist in Bristol. I believe massage can be incredibly beneficial in the case of muscle injuries, physical healing and mental health.

Through my sports massage I aim to address my client's muscle injuries or imbalances with the use of various soft tissue techniques based on the assessment I carry out at the start of the session. By using sports massage I believe I can assist with muscle healing, pain reduction and ease of movement in the long term. For more information about sports massage please visit

With holistic massage I aim to provide my clients with a space for them to properly relax and let go of any stress, while I carry out a tranquil massage routine that I have developed over my career as a holistic therapist. With holistic massage I can help ease my clients stress and provide them with a place to properly unwind, which I believe will benefit their mental health from day-to-day. For more information about holistic massage please visit

Bristol Chiropractic Sports and Family Clinic, 2 Kellaway Avenue, Bristol BS67XR

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