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Jenny Hampton

Jenny Hampton

I love to offer the space for people to unwind and let go of physical and mental stress through Relaxation Massage.

Whether you want a good deep tissue massage, some time to feel pampered, a space to come out of the busyness of the head and into the body, a space for healing and growth or a combination of these, we can work together to find a way that works to for you.

Some feedback: ‘Jenny is amazing! She is obviously very knowledgeable about how the human body is put together and is able to stretch, manipulate and massage to help relieve stress and tension in all areas of the body. I could spend a lot longer than the hour with Jenny!! Nikki, north Shropshire


Jenny Hampton Massage, 5 Post Office Court, St Johns Street, Whitchurch, Shropshire SY13 1QT

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