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Fiona Hutchinson

Fiona Hutchinson

I offer treatments tailored to you and the pains you are suffering. At each session, we’ll make sure that the key problem areas are targeted, working together to ease the persistent muscle tension. With careful, targeted treatment and a holistic approach, we’ll work on the chronic pains stress has caused your body. After a few sessions, the pain should be easing significantly.

What I Do

I take two main approaches to my treatments: Relax, and Restore. These are the best reflections of my clients’ conditions. However, we’ll always have a thorough consultation first. This will allow me to learn more about you, and tailor the treatment to suit what you need.


This treatment allows you to completely unwind. Relaxation massage is soothing and effective. I’ll work on key areas of pain, but will also focus on allowing you to relax, be calm, and take some time to escape from life’s stresses and strains.

It’s quite possible that you’ll fall asleep, but this is absolutely fine. I won’t need much feedback from you, as I won’t be using many deep tissue techniques. Therefore, you can simply switch off and unwind.

If there’s a particularly painful area you’d like me to focus on, do let me know before we start the treatment. Then, you can drift off and relax.


This treatment is designed to ease chronic pain and help restore your full range of motion. It’s a specialised, dedicated treatment, meaning that we’ll work together to target areas of chronic pain. I’ll use techniques such as deep tissue, trigger points, fascial work and stretches. 

Unlike the Relax treatment, I’ll require feedback from you during the session. You’re an active participant in your treatment, so you’ll need to tell me how the pressure applied works for you. In fact, you’ll even be given homework! This interactive approach helps ensure that we’re getting the most out of your treatment by effectively targeting the key areas of chronic pain.

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