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Natasha Alan Williams

Natasha Alan Williams

I have been in private practice since 2010 working alongside other health care practitioners to facilitate recovery from injury and chronic pain. I provide therapeutic, deep tissue massage and rehabilitation for a wide range of injuries including sports and over use, chronic conditions, pain management and every day wear and tear.I offer both Massage and Myofascial Release therapy and can discuss with you which approach may suit your individual needs.I enjoy interacting with people and making a positive impact on their lives. My holistic, individually tailored approach focuses on enhancing wellbeing, reducing pain, improving range of movement and increasing self awareness. I have extensive experience of working with people with spinal injury and neurological conditions including Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis. I am motivated by a challenge and enjoy research so find great satisfaction working with this specific client group.


84 Abbotsbury Road, Dorset BH18 9DD

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