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Jenny Hummel

Jenny is the Remedial, Sports and Muscle Rehabilitation Therapist to Mr William Fox-Pitt the British and World Number One, Three Day Eventing Champion and member of the British Olympic Equestrian Team. Jenny Hummel has been the Sports & Remedial Therapist to Mr William Fox-Pitt now for 12 years.

Quote from William:

“As an International Three-Day Event rider (Horse Riding) my body is regularly pushed to the limits. The physical demands of such a sport cause inevitable strains, aches and pains. I have been treated by Jenny Hummel on a regular basis over the last 12 years and her knowledge and experience in a vast range of techniques, has not only kept me on the road (once even flying out to France as my back was so painful, which enabled me to compete in a major competition, which I went on to win!) so she has helped me maximise my performance.

She has a fantastic clinic in Shillingstone where she gives treatments in a relaxing and incredibly comfortable environment. In my opinion she definitely has a great, great gift and I would recommend her to anybody, either with an injury or just in need of general maintenance.”

Mr William Fox-Pitt

She runs a very successful and busy practice in a beautiful quiet setting in Shillingstone, Dorset where she treats anything from Sciatica to Tendinitis of joints through to neck shoulder /back problems.  Her clients consist not only of champion sportsmen, Jenny treats anyone with a pain from their their head to their toes... Her eldest client is 93!

There has been some really exciting developments for me over the last two years in my quest for better overall health for both myself and my clients.  In 2015 I not only qualified as an Advanced Nutritional Therapist but I also attended the renowned Institute of Functional Medicine course in London.  It was a truly amazing course which really opened my eyes in how to assist my clients further with some conditions they were struggling with.  You may remember a tv programme called 'Doctor in the House' by Dr Ranjan Chattergee a wonderful and innovative GP who moved into people's houses in order to get to the bottom of their conditions, well Ranjan was on that same course in London and was a real inspiration to me and in my opinion to healthcare as a whole in this country.  Although I must just add, I am not a GP and I won't be moving into your house...

The Stables Clinic, Shillingstone House, Shillingstone DT11 0RZ

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