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Natalia Duncan/ Sinking Into Bliss

Natalia Duncan/ Sinking Into Bliss

Natalia's journey as a wellness professional started in 2012 as she trained as a Holistic Massage Therapist with the Massage Training Institute. She worked at the Neal's Yard Remedies therapies clinic for many years. She runs her own Wellness business called Sinking Into Bliss in Currie, Edinburgh. In 2020-22 she trained as a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Scotland and now teaching yoga classes at the Hub@531 in Juniper Green. Her approach to working with clients is very holistic and intuitive.

Sinking Into Bliss is a professional massage and wellness business based in Edinburgh offering a wide range of massage therapies:

Holistic Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue Relaxing Massage
Holistic Facial Massage (using Neal's Yard Remedies products)
Swedish Massage
Pregnancy massage
Baby massage
1-1 Yoga sessions
Yoga classes in small groups
1-1 Wellbeing sessions

Your unique massage and wellness treatment is designed to address your needs and delivered by the professional MTI qualified and CNHC registered massage therapist.

Massage clinic to book your massage:
Address: ABC Chiropractic, 350B Lanark Road West, Currie, Edinburgh, EH14 5RR.

To book your massage appointment please use this link:*c50yh3*_ga*MTUyMDAzMTQxNy4xNzAwMTM1MzUx*_ga_SMQNG7NE8C*MTcwMDU2OTEyMy41LjEuMTcwMDU2OTY5Ni42MC4wLjA.&pId=1085570

Mobile: 07847379450

350B Lanark Road West, Currie, Edinburgh EH14 5RR

12 Stewart Avenue, Currie, Edinburgh EH14 5SD

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