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Lydia Spry

Lydia Spry

Clients tell me that I am friendly, warm and welcoming therapist, and that I have ‘magic hands’! It is my belief that, with the right amount of time and care, I can help you to connect with and nurture your own body and mind - easing tensions, relieving pain and energising as needed.

I trained at (and then taught at) one of the most reputable massage schools in the UK – Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork. The training is in depth and covers everything from anatomy and pathology to understanding energy work and how massage can enable emotional release. I taught the course for 5 years, but recently took a pause to focus on my own massage practice and the practice of raising my two wonderful daughters.

My massage is also influenced by my life experiences and my understanding of how much relaxation helps people cope with difficult circumstances – whether they are physical, emotional or psychological – and my personal interests in meditation, mindfulness and yoga. I can use any or all of these influences to work with you on whatever has brought you to massage. Whether you want to just relax and escape for a while or whether you want detailed work on a specific muscle I can work with you to bring you a massage which is best for you at that time. At each massage I bring what I feel will be most useful and appropriate for you.

1 The Angel, St Mary's Street, Monmouth NP25 3DB


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