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Stuart Greenhow

Stuart Greenhow

Fluidmotion was started with the idea of blending eastern energy arts with clinical western techniques.

It is the mind and body moving with fluidity, achieved with massage and Reiki. Fluidmotion Massage was set up by Stuart Greenhow with the aim of providing a high quality service built around the specific needs of each individual client.

Stuart is a skilled and dedicated massage therapist and Reiki master registered with the CNHC, ISRM and NHS Complimentary register. Stuart offers a range of massage services to individuals and businesses in the South West and provides both an in-house and mobile service.

It is my privilege to be a massage therapist and Reiki master and help people live life their way.

If you would like further information about how massage therapy and Reiki massage can help you please contact me.


14 Derriads Lane, Chippenham SN14 0QH


Sharon: Stuart is very friendly and puts you at ease. I work at a computer all day and suffer from neck and shoulder pain. I have also been from suffering headaches. I have seen Stuart now on a few occasions, my shoulders and neck feel much better. My headaches are not as bad. I would recommend Stuart to anyone. July 13, 2012

Cheryl Anthony: Stuart is very good at what he does, he also loves what he does which makes it all worthwhile. Stuart has really eased my neck/shoulder pain and my husbands back pain, through his knowledge and expertise of massaging. I would recommend anyone with any aches or pains pay a visit to Stuart, he is genuine and professional. July 10, 2012

Matt Dann: I contacted Stuart after suffering from a stiff neck. He was very relaxing and eased the pain straight away. Will definitely use him again. July 5, 2012

Elizabeth Johnston: I have arthritis in my left knee which causes stiffness and pain. I have been receiving on going massage from Stuart which has greatly helped with reducing pain and increasing mobility. I would recommend him to anyone. July 1, 2012

Tim Griffin-McGill: I am an IT professional, I spend alot of time sat behind a desk. I have been suffering from lower back pain and also neck and shoulder pain. I went to see Stuart, as well as sorting out my tired body, he told me why I was suffering and how to prevent it. I now see Stuart once a month to keep me free of pain. I would recommend Stuart to anybody. June 27, 2012

Rachel Blackmore: I received massage from Stuart because of bad neck and shoulder pain. I was struggling with migraines as well. As well as massage he also used stretches and holds of some sort. Whatever he did it worked and I would recommend him . June 9, 2012

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