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Abi McPherson

Abi McPherson

Hi, my name is Abi and I run a part-time massage practice in the centre of Cheltenham.

My aim is to encourage people to take time out of their busy lives to look after themselves. A small amount of self care can be so beneficial for us both mentally and physically but we often find it hard to justify finding the time and the finances. In a world of constant technological demands I invite you to switch your phone off for an hour and come and relax in my calm treatment room. Rest your mind and allow me to work any muscular tension out of your body.

People respond to massage in different ways as we are all different but you may feel more relaxed, balanced, revitalised and/or calmer after a treatment. Massage normally encourages deeper sleep the night after a treatment as well. If you have areas of muscular tension I can provide a deeper pressure, with your permission, which may leave you feeling a little sore for a day or two after a treatment but removing muscular tension on a regular basis will provide you with many benefits such as improved posture, improved sporting performance, and a reduction in your previous aches and pains. No massage treatment should ever be painful so rest assured I work within each individual’s comfort thresholds.

Why not book an appointment and give me a try. If you like what I do, please tell your family and friends and you will receive a 20% off voucher for each successful word-of-mouth recommendation. Just ask them to mention your name at their first appointment. More information can be found at

Thanks very much


29 St Goerge's Rpad, Cheltenham GL50 3DU

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