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Beth Powlesland

Beth Powlesland

Hello, nice to e-meet you!

I have been working professionally with the body since 2007, first as a professional dancer, exploring the workings of the body through movement, touch and awareness. After over a decade working with internationally acclaimed companies and directors, I felt the calling to go deeper with a therapeutic understanding of the body through Holistic Massage.

I qualified from the 'Bristol School of Massage and Bodywork' as a Holistic Massage Therapist. The qualification focused on deepening the knowledge of the inner workings of the body, how it responds to stress and what it might need in order to function with renewed energy, facility and vitality.

During my studies and since qualifying I have worked with a vast array of people, from age 11 to 75, with a variety of needs and this has shaped my sensitive approach to massage. I love working with people from all walks of life and believe that massage can bring relief and renewal.

I run Renewal Massage offering Holistic Massage with me, Beth Powlesland from my treatment room in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. If you would like to book an appointment or have a chat about what might be involved contact me through my website.

I also run 'Renewal Massage on the road days', locations vary and have included South and West Wales, working with people over 50 and at Universities around the UK to work with Dance students.

In your tailored massage I aim to bring vitality back to your body through a sensitive, listening approach in which touch brings awareness and allows your body to re-connect with it's own intuitive intelligence. We experience the world through our bodies - our minds, our emotions and our wellbeing are not separate from this physical experience. Holistic massage draws techniques from several traditions to bring you back into alignment with your body - the home of your wellbeing. I meet the needs of each individual as a whole, treating the body and the person as one.

Here are some comments from previous client's...

‘What struck me most about my treatment with Beth was her amazing ability to listen to the body and its needs. There is an attentiveness to her practice which left my body feeling completely heard and my physical pain understood. I find this quality rare to find in a massage therapist and something that is so very important! I cannot recommend Beth enough.’ Natalie Divall, South Wales.

"Beth uses her considerable knowledge of the body along with a well honed felt sense to give a truly holistic massage that is intuitive to your needs. I felt like she was able to deeply relax and nourish my body, moved at exactly the right pace and I felt better all round for days and days after." Zosia Jo

' I feel both my body and my mind have been treated after a massage with Beth. She sets a fantastic energy in the room and creates a space that is warm and healing. I feel respected, safe, listened to and cared for and just generally feel GOOD!!. What more could you ask for! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.' Camille Giraudeau

Thanks for stopping by.

07738 784

14 Gladstone Road, Trowbridge BA14 0AP

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