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Megan Mills



Fferm Pantperthog, SY20 9AU


Kerriann Falconer: I have spent two very relaxing hour long sessions with Megan at her clinic in Machynlleth. Both treatments were exactly what I needed at the time. I found Megan to be both informative and helpful with her ideas on what form of massage would best suit my needs. The massages themselves were wonderful, I recieved a full body massage and on another occasion an upper body massage. I would like to thank Megan for her quiet sensitivity, for making me feel totally at ease and for the most enjoyable and helpful massages. Kerriann x May 6, 2014

Maria: Meg has an amazing skill and intuition to adapt to my needs. She always makes me feel totally at ease and gently guides me to a more comfortable state of being. Meg can provide caring, non-intrusive and nurturing massage that helped me to get in touch with my body and made me feel loved again. By accepting and creating a safe place for healing Megan has helped me to release personal history I had stored up in my body. This has brought significant changes in my life. I would highly recommend a massage with Meg as it has been a powerful and pleasurable experience for me! November 8, 2012

Ann Will: Over the last few months I have been lucky enough to have a massage with Meg at Covent House on several occasions, and now consider it an essential part of my health and well=being helping offset the stresses and strains of too much hard work and aging!! Meg is lovely and always makes me feel totally relaxed and accepted. She always makes sure she concentrates on particular areas of need or tension and her skill and intuition enables her to often locate problems I have forgotten to mention and work on them. I don't know how she managed it but last time she made me feel so relaxed I had an intense sensation of floating above my body on the couch. Everyone needs to go and see Meg for a massage- i can't recommend her highly enough... I always smile a lot for the rest of the day! May 29, 2012

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