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Pip Morris

Pip Morris

NO HANDS® Massage Practitioner: NO HANDS® massage is different from conventional massage because it can go so deep yet feel pleasant and relaxing! I can work deeply yet gently, efficiently and powerfully. It is massage that works on every level – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual - you will feel the benefits long after the session has finished. You can only understand it by feeling it!
I use certified organic, not tested on animals, vegan grape-seed oil or jojoba oil.
NO HANDS® massage is an approach originated by Gerry Pyves as outlined in 'The Principles and Practice of No Hands Massage' (Pyves 2000)

Reiki: A holistic, non-invasive form of natural energy flow, aiming to connect the Universal Energy with the individual. Energy is channeled through my hands (placed near/on various parts of your body) to aid re-connection/ invite self-healing/balance wherever it is needed, removing energy blockages, reducing stress and dispelling negativity. It is said that one hour’s Reiki treatment is the equivalent to 3-4 hours deep rest for the body, promoting increased positive energy, deep relaxation and peacefulness - feeling more connected to your life’s purpose.You remain clothed and can be seated/lying down.

Ear Candling can relieve ear, nose, throat and face discomfort, calm your mind & soothe your head and ears. It is helpful with reducing stress, susceptibility to ear infections, travel sickness, hay fever. sinus problems, colds, snoring, blocked ears, tinnitus, headaches or dizziness. Ideal after swimming and flying. Enjoy the soothing ear candling followed by my deeply relaxing & nourishing mini facial (including sinus and lymph acupressure points) & ear massage. Release all of your stress, worry and tension completely away with this lovely, calming, traditional Indian well-being treatment!


Ashley, Shropshire TF9

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