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Lisa Saunders

Practising as a Holistic Massage Therapist and as a Shamanic Practitioner has taught me to be open and receptive to the work of energy and healing. Through my own healing journey and the heart felt meeting of other people and their healing journey, I am grateful to offer the gifts I was born with and those that are still evolving. I now offer Shamanic massage as a modality to clients.

"I am sports massage and back pain therapist and usually spend my time resolving other people's injuries and so it was an absolute pleasure to receive a deeply connected and healing massage from Lisa. Lisa's touch is precise, opening and ultimately nurturing in nature and as therapist to a therapist I really appreciate the work that you are bringing Lisa, thank you."
Marc Adams

"My shamanic massage with Lisa was not like any other massage I have had. She works intuitively with different levels of being, not just the physical as massages predominantly do."
Lucy Stott

"The healing experience has 'held', I've noticed a subtle but powerful shift, which has enabled me to discover the tools and empowerment I need for my life ahead."
Catherine Murray

3, Wyesham Ave, Wyesham, Monmouth NP25 3NE

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