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Leora Sharp

Leora Sharp

There's a moment in most massage sessions when I notice my clients breathing has changed. And the energy in the room shifts. They have dropped into a deep space of peace and calm. I smile to myself and think, "this is why I do what I do"...

... And I would I love to help you to enter this 'deep space', as I like to call it.

A deep, deep relaxation where you can float in and out of consciousness, almost without noticing. A space where you can feel utterly at peace and nothing matters. A deep space of nothingness. It's like being suspended in bliss.

This space allows you to reconnect with and restore yourself.

In this beautiful and sometimes crazy modern world, there are many stresses and strains that can lead to physical pain, mental anguish and illness.
So come for a massage at Neal's Yard in Bath and free yourself from your troubles. Free body, mind and soul.

07887 612

Neal's Yard Therapy Rooms, 11 Northumberland Place, Bath BA1 5AR

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