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James Pavey

James Pavey

Hello, my names James Pavey. I qualified as an Holistic Massage Therapist in 2015 at the Bristol college of Massage and Bodywork after studying Level 4 Holistic Massage and Anatomy Physiology and Pathology. I chose this course as it looks at people as a whole and not just looking at the Pathology of the soft tissue. This was an important factor for me as I have a background working in mental health and over the last decade have seen first hand the effect of stress on our bodies and wanted to find a way of helping people through these times in a kind and natural manner.

I have started a business in mobile Massage Therapy called Body in Mind Massage, as I feel during our lowest moments, we are sometime held prisoner in our own homes by our depression or anxiety. The mobile aspect of my business is there to make myself accessible to all that could benefit from massage. I'm able to work form a portable massage table or massage chair. This further increases my ability to reach out as chair massage is very much suited to working through clothes.

As my business has grown I have had positive results supporting peoples soft tissue as they training for charity walks and run, including Marathons to regular gym and fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers. Ive found that regular massage can reduce the risk of injuries and increase mobility and range of movement, coining the phrase prevention is better than cure.

Thank you for taking a moment to read more about me and what I'm passionate about, I'm very willing to hear form you if you have any questions.

James Pavey MTI

Brownsbrook Cottage, Dawlish EX7 0QH

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