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Jane Reeves

Jane Reeves

My holistic approach considers the whole of you - current or old aches and pains, illnesses, your lifestyle, diet and mental health. I listen with empathy and without judgement, and each consultation will shape your massage and after-care advice. Everything you share with me is treated with respect and remains confidential. Each massage you receive from me will be tailored to meet your specific needs at that moment.

I work intuitively using the massage techniques your body needs at that time, releasing muscle tensions and initiating your body’s natural healing processes. Our bodies seek kindness, the antidote to the aches and pains we carry. I believe massage is effective without needing to be painful - firm pressure, applied slowly and with care, relieves and relaxes deep muscles without discomfort.

I offer a calm, restorative massage experience uniquely adapted to treat the whole of you. Every Body has a story to tell.


14 Station Road, Haddenham, Ely CB6 3XD

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