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Tonic Massage Training

Address: Henley Wellbeing Centre, 36 Hart Street, Henley on Thames RG9 2AU
Tel: 07766 801939

About the School

Tonic Massage Training has been offering professional massage qualifications since 2009. Many of its qualified therapists are now running thriving businesses of their own or have gained employment in health and wellbeing establishments.

Regular use of massage is continuing to grow, making it mainstream practise for people of all ages to seek soft tissue therapy as part of their regular health care routine. It couldn't be a better time to train as a massage practitioner.

When students gain their Holistic Massage Diploma, they can start seeing clients as soon as possible. Tonic supports its graduates and welcomes them to make contact for tips or guidance to assist in building their practice. It offers a selection of advanced workshops and CPD days which can be logged as part of ongoing professional development, an essential component for practising therapists who wish to maintain high standards of work. It is also an essential requirement of MTI membership.

Tonic prides itself on delivering high quality teaching and learning. It firmly believes in keeping class numbers to a maximum of 12 students. This enables the tutors to monitor progress effectively and meet their students' unique needs. The team of highly experienced tutors are here to support their students every step of the way.

About the Tutors

Celine SampsonPrincipal tutor Celine Sampson's personal journey into the world of massage began more than 25 years ago.

She still adores giving a personalised treatment and never tires of learning about the wonders of the human mind and body.

She loves the variety and discovery inherent in massage practise and the lifelong learning, such as the chance to explore the recent scientific discoveries about the fascia system.

She loves taking students through their training and helping them to achieve their goals.

Holistic Massage Diploma

Tonic Holistic Massage Diploma

This comprehensive course of study provides students with the anatomy, physiology and pathology qualification required in all professional bodywork modalities. They are exposed to a diverse range of learning experiences that are carefully designed to promote hands-on skills and professional and personal development. Students learn the essential components to get started in their massage career.

The training course takes place over 11 weekends. This usually enables students with a full-time job to manage the course requirements.

Other Courses and Workshops

  • Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Training
  • Detox Facial Massage Course
  • Introduction to Sports Massage
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